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Dr Chichi Menakaya is a graduate of College of Medicine, University of Ibadan who currently works as a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon in the United Kingdom. She has won awards for her contributions towards better health care provision worldwide. She leads generational change and has spoken in over 30 international meetings, numerous local and national conferences with over 20 cited publications. She serves on boards of different charities all geared towards generational change. She has a passion for Gender Based Violence and Gender Equality; which led to founding a UK based charity Okwuí Mask Scheme.

Her brainchild works in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom and breaches the gap between "victim mentality" and "survivors attitude" by means of self-love and understanding the core basics of violence while discovering the power within each of us. She started designing from age 12 while watching her mother recreate pieces made for her by top African designers. In her spare time, she enjoys fashion designing and her fashion line “Okwuís_Frocentric”, celebrates African culture while raising money for business ventures for grass root domestic violence survivors in Nigeria, West Africa through Okwuí Mask Scheme’s “Foster A Woman Award”. She has worn and continues to wear different hats in her life - surgeon, collaborator, educator, mentor, founder, volunteer, leader and team player. As a result she has the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects, people and navigate complex challenges. She loves music, travelling and writing.

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