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ODYSAY is a Swiss ready-to-wear brand founded in Geneva by Sona Sidalova Barras. When Odysay was created in 2015, we envisioned a brand with a strong sense of purpose – a brand centered on beauty that promotes sustainability and empowers women. Inspired by these values, our philosophy is to connect beauty back to the everyday with sustainably crafted pieces that remain impeccable over the years. This uncompromising philosophy transcends the boundaries of luxury and shapes the way we create our garments.

The Odysay silhouette is elegant and daring at the same time - the outcome of a harmonious dance between a clean aesthetic and highly feminine accents. It is deliberately uncluttered to create garments that favor a lasting style over fleeting trends. Each of our garments is crafted with the finest Italian fabrics made of 100% natural fibers.

We manufacture all our garments by hand in small ateliers located in Europe and run exclusively by women. This choice guarantees the quality of our exclusive pieces produced in limited quantities. It also allows us to remain true to our core values. We favor sustainability because all our materials are sourced locally and used carefully. As a result, we minimize waste and transportation costs. We are also committed to empowering women. By cultivating a collaborative and pleasant working environment, we enable them to develop their unique craftsmanship and entrepreneurial skills.

Odysay started its activities with a line of evening wear. In 2019 ODYSAY expanded its offering to garments that our clients can also wear on more casual occasions.

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