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Grey Sheep


Queensland / Australia

Tarn McLean is a Doctor of Philosophy majoring in Painting, and her practice is embedded in Non-Objective painting, which is derived from the early 20th Century movement, Russian Constructivism.

"Russian Constructivism has a focus on human behaviour where our understanding and knowledge of the world around us is transferred into experiencing the world. This is why, in the commercial arena, I have an interest in providing art as turned into beautiful designs for my gorgeous clients to use, wear and live with.

Luxury handbags have long been an obsession of mine and after studying fine art I realised I wanted to share my knowledge and skills, but in such a way that my art could be used and worn. Handbags were the most obvious choice.

It is important that both my interests hold a story and if I design a textile or handbag they have heritage and history. The heritage is held in my ancestral line being my Great, Great Grandfather Adam Forster who was a botanical artist in the early 20th Century and whose works are now held in the Australian National Library."

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