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Maricel Nowacki 6/11/81
Maricel Nowacki is an artist and graphic designer based in Argentina.
After her academic training, she started to investigate different technics and materials
where her view could find the way to take its own shape.

She finds beauty in simple things, always searching the possibilities
that brings each material, its transformations,
the accidents that allow new directions on her work.

Determination and curiosity are her guides.
Following this line she created her brand Objetos Walkorrun,
focused on jewelry and pattern textile.

Her debut collection was recently featured in the
International Fashion Showcase during the London Fashion Week, 2013

The second collection was invited to particpate at "Delicious Objects",
a jewellery showcase curated by Draftspace at the High Line Loft in New York, 2014

The Artists Collection is the project that objetos walk or run made at the 2015, in collaboration with six young contemporary artists
who made umprecedent works for a unique scarf collection. They are Emilio Bianchic, Octavio Garabello, Ad Minoliti, Anabella Papa, Laura Codega and 0,001yes

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