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I was raised in Bulgaria where growing up in my mom's tailor studio helped me cultivate a strong sense of aesthetics and a love relationship with fashion. I moved abroad and studied in Barcelona, and at twenty started my career in the headquarters of some of world's leading brands in the industry. Life in the dynamic corporate environment made me search for an alternative reality and took me travelling to the most distant corners of the world discovering remote tribes where people still lived true to their ancestors’ ways and preserved their ancient traditions, beliefs and aestethics.

The vibrance, purity and wilderness of these communities got me enchanted and my passion for exploring them grew stronger throughout the years.

By fully immersing in their world my love for them expanded immeasurably and my desire to find a way to create sustainable economic opportunities for them got bigger.

My experience in fashion and design, matched with adventurous spirit and activist heart shaped the pillars of the company as a social brand creating and sourcing ethical collections aiming to promote awareness, improve the lives of communities in third world countries and indigenous tribes and bring you not only stories of their lifestyle, but also preserve their timeless jewellery and art by spreading it to the rest of the world.

For me, working on the collection together with the local artisans is an intimate process. I aim to create vivid collections rich with ethnic heritage, a story and a cause.

By purchasing these designs, you are not only investing directly in the future of local communities, but creating a life changing impact and helping preserve the cultural heritage.

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