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The purpose of the "number 1,2,3,4 ..." project is to create unique products. Seemingly identical yet unique, unrepeatable, and each bearing its own number. The printed fabrics used in the project are inspired by works of great artists. The “number 1,2,3,4 …” project is the clash of two opposites. On one hand, it is a humble duplication of modules and numbers, and on the other hand it’s treating uniforms as the space for creation, emotions, images, and structures.The numbering system in the project is rooted in the works of art by Opałka and Winiarski and (also) refers to the pop-art of Andy Warhol and his stamped art. The authors of “the endless, numbered collection": Agata Uchman & Ola Winiarska designers, set designers Agata Uchman graduated from the ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) in Warsaw, Poland, with a degree (Master of Arts) in 2002 where she studied in the Faculty of Painting and Set Design in the years 1995-2002, working as a costume designer, art director, production designer and stage-designer. She participated in numerous international projects: film productions, artistic workshops and as an artist took part in some group exhibitions. She has work experience in many fields: from commercial programs (MTV-Pimp my room, 2008) through feature films, theater and opera pieces. Agata's greatest passion is creating untypical costume projects where she uses her sculpture, painting, knitting, modelatory and tailoring skills.

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