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budapest / hungary

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NUBU embodies the inner harmony of the sophisticated urban woman, combining comfort and function, minimalistic cuts, graceful femininity and ethereal elegance. The brand balances between women’s confident personality and charming demeanor. NUBU. The contemporary you. The brand was created in 2007 by Judit Garam with 15 years of international fashion experience under her belt. In 2011, she was joined by two talented young designers, Adél Kovács and Anett Hajdú to create the distinctive world of NUBU together. The seasonal collections of the brand show beautiful consistency, an enduringly subtle, classic urban style, discreet luxury and soft colors. Yet with each season, NUBU is reborn in cohesion with the changing trends, reflecting aspects rather than following them. Mostly inspired by the world of product design, the core values of NUBU are continuous experimentation and the need for progressive innovation; always demonstrating outstanding quality, with elaborate details which are the essence of the brand. NUBU offers a wide range of lines fulfilling every need of the discerning woman, from ready-to-wear to small accessories and desired leather handbags.
Besides the Hungarian one, the brand is present on international markets too: in the USA (in California, Illinois and Oregon), and in Asia (in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing).

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