Grey Sheep


barcelona / spain


ICM Institut Catala de la moda

Graduation year


This collection emerged from the idea of trying to create a look, that both looks very clean but creates this notion of confusion when you see it.
The importance of quality fabrics and handmade production are the basis of everyting I create, I believe in long lasting quality/ products and transparency regarding all production processes.

I started my fashion design bachelor four years ago, and currently I am wotking in a fashion studio, designing for worldwide labels, and truly enjoying every part of the design process.
I learned that the fashion world has something new to show me every day, and that is something I am always gratefull for, for it makes me grow as a designer and person, too. I like to think that with every piece I create there is a little change inside me, that later reflects on my future designs.
Design is an evolutionary process and I am proud to say that I found my place in it.

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