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A miscellaneous combination between reality & fictitious. NOTINLIST_PROJECT brings sci-fi cult classic elements to a minimalist, conceptual, futurism and imaginative approach. The Malaysia-born self-taught designer and game artist Xavier Ou founded NOTINLIST in 2016, overhaul tailoring foundation and launched NOTINLIST_PROJECT in the summer of 2019. The directional aesthetic of Xavier's ready-to-wear line is informed by his studies in both 3D game art design and digital illustration. Channeling the same downtown spirit and youthful subversion. Combine the video game and cult fictional, and, structural element applied into day to day basic functional garments from unique directional outerwear styles. Presenting signature tracksuits, t-shirts, hoodies, field jackets, aramid vests and tailored jackets in neutral grey tones, abstract geometry structure, and striking staple pieces seen in his collections.

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