Grey Sheep


shibuya / japan

No,No,Yes! was co-founded by Taichi Hashimoto and Makoto Kawamura.
Taichi was the buyer for a used clothing shop and the designer of the original brand in the shop. Spending most of the time in overseas, for buying and producition developing.
Makoto was a freelance graphic designer, working in the area of advertising, web design, and entertainment.
We wanted to make some products which have more craftmanships and possibility to develop new aspects of "fashion". That's why we started and why we picked up "Leather" as a main material. Leather has very long history used as clothing or other. Leather lasts long and succeeded. Very primitive material, but it still has many possibilities of the finishing and styling.
We pursue the future of leather.

Taichi is the production manager and the chief for sawing production, and also the designer.
Makoto is the designer and the chief for dying production. He also works for the graphics of the brand.

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