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Smruti Mathisekaran is a passionate designer who dabbles in various fields of design such as jewellery, furniture, products, graphics and architectural concepts. She earned her degrees in Civil engineering and Interior design at NIT, Trichy and Raffles Design International respectively. She graduated in design with the most innovative concept award and won the first place in Park Elle Décor student contest for furniture design, in seating category, 2014. She is a finalist in international architecture competitions such as Taipei international awards, 2014 and Volume Zero 2020 & 2021.
She founded her first entrepreneurial journey –‘NO.NA.MÉ, in 2020 which is an extension of her tenacious belief in freedom of self-expression and individuality. The two collections that the brand has created so far have won India’s best project (IBDA) 2020 & India's best project (IBDA) 2021). One of them is also a winner of Lexus Design Award, 2022.
‘NO.NA.MÉ’ creates bold modular statement jewellery, inspired by geometry and gender-neutral design. Importantly, the core of the brand is not to be a label for objects of material possession but rather an opportunity at the expression of individuality.
‘NO.NA.MÉ’s unique identity comes from its design language that uses modular detachable elements that when combined interchangeably creates multiple wearable design creations. The design concept stems from the idea that if one object can become more than one thing then it is in the right direction at slowing down consumerism. The challenge is to have ‘less’ pieces that give ‘more’ design options. NO.NA.MÉ hopes to use this modular “multi-configurable” design philosophy in all its future projects not just limited to jewellery.
The brand is now a two person team with Gehana Doshi, joining in as a partner.

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