How do I package my items?

General Information - The goods must be packed in a stable way to make sure that both, the boxes and the goods inside, will arrive at their destination without any damage. - No article packaging is not acceptable - A non-dust-resistant and non-dirt-resistant packaging is not acceptable - A too small / too short polybag is not acceptable - Articles with no EANs on the packaging will not be accepted - The agreed order quantities must be respected. Over-deliveries are not allowed. - The NJAL Designer shall deliver every sales unit “retail ready”, meaning with an individual packaging (e.g. box, polybag) suitable for the sales unit to be sold to end consumers. - A sales unit is defined as a product which Zalando sells at a certain price. A sales unit might be a single item or multiple items belonging (and being sold) together (called “set” or “multi-pack”). - Polybags need to be clear, transparent and completely closed. - Boxes have to be fully closed for the article not to fall out. If the article packaging carton consists of two or more parts, the NJAL Designer needs to ensure to stabilize and combine them with sticky dots or plastic stripes. - The following goods have special article packaging requirements: * Polybags of leather goods should be open at the bottom or contain small holes to let the goods breathe. * Belts must be delivered rolled up within a fully closed polybag (or within a polybag with small holes for leather belts). Each belt should include a scannable EAN-code facing outwards. * Watches need to have a crown stopper. Labeling - Please apply a sticker or external label to the poly bag, box or packaging with the following: EAN/GTIN, unique article number, color code or color description, size/ size translation for every country size EU, FR, IT, UK, US. - Contrast and color: the contrast between EAN/GTIN and background must be at least 40% difference. The color combination black (EAN/GTIN) on white (paper) is optimal; - Quality of the print: the print needs to be clean (e.g. exact border line, no streaks) in order to not disturb the scanning process; - Minimum size EAN/GTIN: The height of the EAN/GTIN must be at least 5 mm, and the length at least 30 mm; - Price indication on an article label is not allowed. Transport Packaging: The Designer must provide a proper packaging to ensure that goods are not damaged: - Flat packed goods need to be packed in consolidation cartons - Hanging goods need to be packed in hanging cartons. If the hanging goods are transported on hanging rails, no further transport packaging is required. - Sales units being delivered on a hanger and belonging to the hanging garment group, should have a polybag around the article and hanger with the hanger hook outside, to store these articles in hanging garment area