Industry standard for luxury e-commerce is to provide free shipping, which means our customers will not be charged extra for shipping. This means you have to incorporate shipping costs into your prices. Since 50% of our sales come from the US, and roughly 35% from the EU you can estimate these costs in advance. We highly recommend to ensure you have a business account with a major carrier such as UPS, FedEx or DHL as they can provide rates at up to 70% discount. Alternatively, use a third-party retailer for such carriers to ensure you never have to pay retail prices. 

We do not allow the use of standard postal services, especially if a tracking number cannot be provided. 

If you are based in a region where shipping costs to our main markets are too high, we recommend working with a fulfillment warehouse that will dispatch your designs for you and handle all your logistics. NJAL works closely with CCS, and you can contact them stating you are a NJAL designer.