How to work on Order Dashboards?

Items Do’s Don’ts
Order Acceptance
  • 24hrs timeline to accept the order
  • Delay beyond 36hrs

  • Never Reject an Order

Order Fulfilled Status
  • Include Tracking Details without fail.
  • Submit N/A while changing status
Order Delivered Status
  • On changing the status to Delivered (after the customer receives the order), the system counts 30days for payment.
  • Delay in updating status, leading to delay in payments.
Made To Order
  • 21 Working days to fulfill the order
  • Beyond 21 Working days to ship

  • Change the costs upon receiving Made to Order Products with customized measurements or designs

Shipping and Tracking
  • Include the cost of shipping in the Product listing, as the seller bears the cost. Keep in mind that our main markets are the US, Europe and Middle East. We suggest that you work on a corporate account with a qualified/professional carrier who can help you with worldwide shipping

  • Mandatorily include the details when changing status from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled

  • Use professional services like FedEx/UPS who share appropriate tracking numbers

  • Submit N/A in Tracking Details

  • Use local carriers to save money and who do not share appropriate tracking numbers

  • Ask for customers Documentation for shipping, which is a Violation of Privacy.

Order Queries
  • Option to “Raise a Query” where you could interact with customers related to their orders with respect to measurements/fittings

  • Close the Queries upon resolution/order delivered

  • Delay beyond 36hrs in answering the queries raised by the customer who has placed the order

  • Keep them on pending status beyond delivery of the product