What goes in a Product Listing (or) Why are my Products rejected?

NJAL is a Luxury Marketplace, and we maintain the highest standards when it comes to our listings. We expect the following information to be provided without any exceptions to ensure that your product is approved to be sold on our platform. NJAL carries "Ready To Wear" and "Made To Order" products. "Pre-Orders" are NOT accepted on our platform.


Items Do’s Don’ts
  • Minimum 3 or more High quality (or) Editorial Images.

  • Detailed shots of intricate work on the garments

  • 1800x1400 px (Portrait Mode) size in order for images to look sharp on retina displays

  • For Unisex products, please include images of both genders wearing the product

  • Less than 3 images

  • Blurred Images 

  • Dress Form Images

  • Badly Edited

  • Landscape Images

  • Single gender image for Unisex products

Product Name
  • Short

  • Capitalization of only the first letter of each word

  • Special characters

  • Season

Product Description
  • Made in “Country”

  • Brief about the brand and specific collection

  • Brief about the product

  • Product Contents

  • Product Care

  • Measurements of the model and the size worn by the model

  • For every size variant that you have in your listing, the respective measurements need to be provided. (Bust/Waist/Hip/Length/etc...)

  • Please include the sizing standards that you are incorporating. Whether its US (or) UK (or) Aus (or) etc.. 

  • One Line Description
  • Hyperlink any of your other products
  • Links to your own shop
  • Personal Coordinates (Email/Phone Numbers)
Product Policy
  • Only Made to Order, Exchange, Refunds and Returns to be mentioned. Please use these statements ONLY as applicable

  • Made to Order - This item is Made-To-Order please allow up to “x” working days for us to make your bespoke design. These items are not eligible for Returns/Exchange/Refund. (Ensure this order fulfillment is not beyond 21 working days)

  • Exchanges and Returns - Ready to Wear Garments have 14 days window for Return (or) Exchange whose shipping is borne by the customer
  • Import charges accountability

  • Exceed 21 working days of fulfillment timeline

  • Shipping timeline, as its based on the carrier

  • All Sizes (One Size/S/M/L/…)

  • All Variants (Colors/Hardware/Prints/..)

  • If it's One Size, include respective size or “One Size” as variant

  • Inventory/Stock details for RTW garments and N/A for Made to Order garments

  • Disable Out of Stock Items from Platform

  • “Default title” as variant

  • N/A for Stock/Inventory items for RTW items 

  • Showcase Sold Out/ Out of Stock Items 

Product Queries
  • Answer them on platform within 24hrs of query raised by the customer

  • Keep the discussion professional and not ask (or) share personal contact information

  • Close Queries upon resolution

  • Neglect the queries section

  • Refer customers to your own websites for custom orders.

  • Keep them pending indefinitely.