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The identity of no tag. is deeply rooted in individuality, as we firmly believe in the consumers' power to choose the product that they relate to, and make it their own to communicate who they are. Likewise, no tag. stands for women empowerment, and being against typecasting. Last but not least, the brand's DNA is embedded in the concept of streamlining and preventing overproduction. We consequently work hard at forecasting, something we believe is key to be able to design a quality product, which mirrors society at large while focusing on our target market at the same time. Our brand, as such, has thus been constructed on the basis of a playful and at the same time urban concept, which is fed by worldwide current affairs to define new trends while doing away with fads.

Besides, no tag. supports sustainable chain production. our spandex is from STA.® who seeks to optimize resources, production and energy efficiency, resource preservation and reduced environmental impact. This is reflected in the STA.® CO2Control®, which means each product is presented with a particular improvement in a productive environment that uses recycled water and incorporating a philosophy of absolute absence of products that are harmful to the human skin, audited by accredited laboratories and certified with the world-renowned Oeko Tex® label. hence, spandex is biodegradable and toxic-free.

The acrylic's conductivity and the loss of heat are between 6% and 8% respectively lower than those of glass. Besides, the material's durability allows a longer product life and hence less need for more production and higher standards of quality which support "slow fashion". At the same time, acrylic is easy to be recycled since PMMA can return to its original form. Last but not least, our pieces of acrylic are obtained from cuts that have been left aside by masive productions and that on the contrary, these would be discarded.

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