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king's college london

Graduation year


Nini Molnar Bags is a fashion brand specialising
in handbags and accessories created by Budapest
born designer Nini Molnar. Established in 2015
it has already begun to impress the press and its
The brand’s philosophy is to deliver impeccable
quality and unique designs at affordable prices.
Handcrafted handbags are classy and injected
with a touch of fun and playfulness, appealing to
the modern woman.
Nini Molnar brand’s manufacturing takes place
in Budapest, Hungary in a factory, which also
produces for the biggest international fashion labels.

Nini Molnar’s collections are influenced
by her lifestyle and the creativeness of her
adopted hometown London.
Designer Nini Molnar’s approach to design
is very experimental; she likes to play with
exceptional materials, which represent a
huge part in the character of the brand.
One of the brand’s thumbprints is the
element of surprise and unexpectedness
introduced each season.
Nini’s aim is to completely transform an
outfit with a single statement accessory,
which is designed to match each season’s
most powerful trends, and empower every
woman to be her best self.
"Don’t forget your confidence
is your best accessory.
But our accessories can help. "
- Nini Molnar -

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