Nina Athanasiou

Grey Sheep


munich / germany

Graduation year


after studying Fashion Design, Athanasiou used to work as an Freelance Illustrator and Barowner until she finally turned back to Fashion in 2013. since back then she has been presenting her Label succesfully during Fashion Week New York, London, Berlin and Vancouver as well as Boston. 2013 she got rewarded with the "EMERGING DESIGNER"-Award during Fashion Week London, 2016 she also won the Fashion Award of BKFW in Brooklyn / New York.
Since 2014 she works in Fashion Film as well - so far she has produced 3 Fashion Films:
"AKUMA" (nominated at:)
Fashion Film Festival London,
Fashion Film Festival Berlin,
ASVOFF Mexico,
Mercedes Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Capetown,
La Jolla International Film Festival,
Fashion Clash Maastricht,
Fester Film Festival Los Angeles,
Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival
WINNER at the Australian Fashion Film Festival

(Winner in 4 categories at the Oslo Trend Film Festival)

(nominated at the Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival)

Nina Athanasiou is known for working with extraordinary models such as Shaun Ross, Melanie Gaydos, Diandra Forrest or Elliott Sailors.
2015 she launched a collection in collaboration with Shaun Ross, called "MR.ROSS", 2018 she made Porn Legend Ron Jeremy the face of her "AMORE"-Collection, leading the runway during NYFW.
2019 she was chosen as one of 28 Designers to launch a limited Capsule Collection for Paris Fashion Week at the Galeries Lafayette.

Fashion is a means of communication. It gives us the possibility to express ourselves as individuals, to distinguish ourselves. Every morning, we decide how we want to be seen by others and dress ourselves accordingly. Fashion reflects our attitude, our interests, our personality and the time. It expresses desire and is a testimonial to the gift of human beings to reinvent themselves over and over again.
Those pieces give you the possibility to express yourself as an individual, to give a nonverbal statement.