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Alexandru is a young designer based in Bucharest, Romania. He has studied both architecture (at the Bucharest University of Architecture and Urbanism) and fashion design (at the Bucharest University of Arts). His collections are produced in Bucharest. His work has been featured in various publications, both printed and online. His education and experience extend from fashion design and architecture to Graphic design and illustration, having numerous collaborations with advertising agencies, artists and designers. His first connection with fashion design was in 2009, when his illustrations were printed on fabrics and were part of a collection. As an illustrator his works were displayed at Museum of Contemporary Art of Bucharest in 2010, and other significant local exhibitions in 2011. Heavily influenced by mythology, biology and astronomy he creates characters which tell stories about life. All of his projects have the same simple core that is something, a small part, of the daily routine, of the emotion. And when emotion is created they, the characters, have the opportunity to venture inside themselves and to feel‚ without anything stopping them, led only by the simplicity and purity of the dream, of the new story.

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