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Zagreb-born designer Nika Čuić established her label NIKA TOM in 2015, shortly after obtaining a degree in Fashion design and Costumeography as well as earning an MA in Economics at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. 
Naming the label  after her mother's family name has given the label a very personal touch from the very beginning and a promise of tradition in every garment she makes.
Texture combined with shaped precision is intristic to her work. Garments are created with attention to the ineffable part of one’s being, a bottomless chaos which always leaves its trace in a new creation. The design process begins with a concept, followed by textile research and is often executed in traditional and little used handwork techniques.
Each work represents a determined pursuit of validation for a current thought incorporated in the designer's imaginative vision.
The  aesthetic is deconstructed, structured and formed, yet fragile, sincere and idyllic.
Interlocking deconstruction, minimalism and handwork has brought Nika forward in the European fashion scene.
Since the establishment of the label, she has participated in a number of shows and exhibitions, such as Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Fashionclash Maastricht, Fashion Week Trend Report in Milan, Zagreb Fashion Week, and earned herself press coverage in issues of Vogue UK, Vogue Italy, Harpers Bazaar Poland and Kaltblut.

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