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fashion department, royal academy of fine arts antwerp

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NIELS PEERAER, born in Antwerp 1989, is a Belgian fashion and accessories designer, and graduate of the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp June 2011.
His Master collection was granted 5 Awards and included a limited edition handbag collaboration with DELVAUX (oldest Fine Leather Luxury Goods House in the world, Founded 1829 in Brussels, Belgium)

Niels is known for his visually unique and emotional work. His work explores the recurring theme about the contrast between masculine and feminine, the roughness of the material against the light heartedness of the designs, culminating a new vision created to share his whole universe with each item. Not to shock but simply about bringing an innocent happiness to everyday life.

‘there is no limit to cuteness’

after graduating, Niels Peeraer has established a PARIS based leather accessories brand. Under his eponymous label, Niels hones his craftsmanship of vegetable tanned leather and brass fittings to create a strong and personal aesthetic with a high level of craftsmanship.
Meanwhile the collection HAs been stocked in over 50 stockists worldwide, including prestigious locations like dover street market london, Galeries Lafayette (Paris, Beijing, Shanghai), 10 Corso Como, Isetan, Opening Ceremony, Luisa Via Roma, I.T, etc.

Further information about our products

Niels Peeraer bags have no stitching, but are made fully by assembling through screws and hardware. Through this we can achieve much cleaner lines and strength on our pieces. Instead of covering the beautiful inside of leather, we use a special waxing process as finishing, creating a smooth and clean surface also on the inside of the leather.
Brand Vision

Touch as many hearts as possible with our cuteness, not through mass-production and cutting corners but through respect for the old leather-craftsmanship and our attention to detail.
the functionality of a nice architectural volume, the beauty and quality of the traditional craftmanship, combined with our signature bows and details that make our bags so unique.

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