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venice / italy



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Nicole has completed a BA hons in Architecture and an MA(merit) Fashion Design & Theories at IUAV University Venice.

In 2015 she was selected as a Special Research Designer for "PITTI Filati" a project in collaboration with Giordano knitwear industries and PITTI Filati SS 2015 Trends, were she displayed a new innovative stich at the trade fair in January . The project innovated the “punto pellicia” by the calculation of the contraction between two opposing fibres, elastic and merino wool for the creation of a new three dimensional stich.

In 2013 she worked in collaboration with Bottega Veneta for the creation of a leather backpack. Her graduate collection, “The Bottom Rung” was selected for a performance curated by Kinkaleri at Fashion at IUAV 2012 and at Spazio Paraggi Venice. Her collection was later published in Vogue Talents online, La Reppublica;innovation and Frizzi Frizzi.

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