Nicola Bacchilega

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of fashion

Graduation year


Culture is a core value of Nicola Bacchilega's collections both in its physical dimension - connected to the technical knowledge inherent to Italian manufacturing - and in its abstract form, the world of ideas that are constantly evolving tradition, fighting for beauty, nurturing the value of uniqueness and art.
The timelessness and uniqueness of the brand design create a perfect balance for a daring woman that does not have to declined to renew herself without denying her age perfectly in harmony with everything around her: movement, colour, rhythm, curiosity, day and night appearing self-confident and unequalled. The detail meticulousness reveals a culture of material that is astounding the amount and transversality of knowledge from experimenting with both traditional and radical innovative materials giving them texture, unexpected colours and shades. Each item is designed as a natural combination of chromatic rhythms following the body in its large but graceful movements. As for the style, it is a dry run for fusion of heterogeneous elements in tune with each other, balance rediscovered in new dimensions echoing courage and austerity at the same time.
Nicola Bacchilega’s cosmos is chaotic and soaked, wild and mocking, but also structured in its consistency. The creative process to the fulfilment of his collections is deliberately not standardised and alternatively breaks the patterns of those collections that are unconditionally interpreted.

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