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montreal / canada


Marie-Victorin College Canada

Graduation year


Fashion history enthusiast and inspired by
its great creators, Nico, an emerging young
designer from Montreal, always aspired to
reach the top and initiate his own movement in
the fashion industry. Born in St-Prime, Québec,
Canada, his career started in Quebec City
in the nursing field. After a few years, Nico
moved to Montreal to establish his name as
a designer and pursue his fashion dreams.
With a flamboyant personality matching his
unique imagination, Nico knew how to stand
out by expressing himself through his very own
style. Unable to shut down his urge to create
and looking to fulfill personal and professional
needs, Nico decided to dive in a completely
different sphere: creation and design. Nicolas
studied at Marie-Victorin College.
Nico specializes in details and is inspired by
not only his peers but by the whole world
around him. His menswear pieces are defined
by the fabrics he discovers. “I’m not able to
design something without having touched the
fabric and feeled an attraction to it. It’s like
personal development.” Says Nico. Nico
gives to the Montrealers an option to own
a stylish menswear wardrobe

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