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moscow / russia


british higher school of art & design

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Marina Kasperovich graduated from British Higher School of Art&Design focusing in contemporary jewelry design, in 2016. Her final project Golder Than Gold collection has gained a maximum score and became the first official collection for a newborn jewelry label named Newroses.
The project investigates a personality stuck in Soviet 70s-80s through a number of little things of no importance surrounding him or her. All we have to deal with — is a set of jewelry objects made of silver and porcelain, looking like a shiny memories which are more precious than gold.
Having over 8 years experience in advertising as a creative, Kasperovich adapts the methods of finding a clever and strong idea from advertising to jewelry creation.
Newroses style is referred to as so-called 'postminimalism'. Designer uses the term for deconstructing big ideas into small playful stories.
Irony is a powerful tool for treating reality for me, — says Kasperovich, — I try to create stress-beaters, something to stick to in our throwaway society.

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