netta ittah

Black Sheep



tel aviv / israel


shenkar college of engineering and design

Graduation year


Netta Ittah, 26 years old from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
I have a BA in Fashion Design from the Shenkar College of engineering, design and art.
My past experience includes professional work as a graphic designer, specializing in fashion design and illustrations.

I graduated last year, after successfully presenting a collection which was featured in several fashion magazines and by 'Vogue Talents' hunter Sara Maino. My designs were presented in few fashion shows of Shenkar as well as in a number of fashion productions.

My final’s collection was inspired by a Moroccan dress that has been preserved for 180 years in my family, and includes natural fabrics and prints that I crafted myself. My collection deals with the memories that are important to us, their ‘inflate’ in our imagination, the desire to carry our tradition with us, despite the time that passes.

The outcome of merging two different and separate worlds into one collection is my biggest inspiration. I thoroughly investigate the subjects of my collections before molding my personal point of view.

I’m a creative and hardworking artist, with uncompromising standards. Visionary and out of the box thinker, who enjoy working both independently and as a part of an awesome team.
During my studies, I was granted an excellence academic awards. I have attended several competitions, and won in a volunteer competition called “huggy blanket”, designing a heavy blanket used for victims of sexual harassments.

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