Neta Erfati

Grey Sheep


tel aviv / israel


shenkar academy

Graduation year


Neta Efrati is a self titled fashion label. It was established by Neta Efrati, a fashion design graduate from Shenkar academy in 2008.
After working for other designers and brands, she decided to fulfill her dream and launched her own collection.
Neta opened a small luxurious, yet homey fashion boutique in Jaffa's flee market, which is an upcoming trendy area for Indie fashion designers. The mix between the old and the new, the feel of treasure hunting and the mystic magic of the area drew her to this location.
The label is colorful, daring, feminine and full of style. Elements from dandy men’s apparel and the tribal colors of Africa are only some of the brands inspirations.
Neta's personal style and taste is conveyed into the garments, which flow on to the body and offer a sophisticated feminine look with a subtle and unique twist
Her collection is appealing to women of all ages. The fashionable, fun and stylish designs offer women strong looks they can wear from day to night.

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