Nelli Kim

Black Sheep


moscow / russia


london college of fashion

Graduation year


Moscow born fashion designer and illustrator fond of the feeling of freedom, love of nature, longevity and preservation of craftsmanship, especially in textiles, while reflecting her research in ongoing projects for weaving, knitting and jacquard making. She is hearted by the energy, the feeling of motion and the idea of sport. Lifestyles from past to present, seasonal leisure cultural activities, either bathing, gardening, hunting or skating, mountaineering or skiing prevail in the inspirations for the eye to catch for further interpretation. Seaside has always been a subject for adoration since tender age if looking back at bright summer vacation memories and emotions. Travelling has always given new breath of ideas as well as huge passion for art, real life stories, talks with strangers, culture traditions, vintage objects– all developed personal esthetics and taste.

Nelli Kim is co-founder of loungewear brand YesWayFashions as well as a lecturer and mentors students in fashion and art practices.

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