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Nazan is brand creates limited edition Jewellery, objects and semi couture Fashion collection. Collections shows a passion for ancient history, art and architecture.
Nazan graduated from the London College of Fashion with a BA (Hons) and stunning degree collection of Womenswear, Menswear, Jewellery and Accessories. Subsequently, she received post graduate Millennium Community Leadership Training and gained Fellowship status prior to spending five years directing and nurturing women from disadvantaged backgrounds in arts and crafts workshops. She was awarded a Community Champion accolade by The Scarman Trust.
Nazan’s jewellery collections show a passion for ancient history, mysticism art and architecture. Her first jewellery collection, DIVINE LOVE, was launched at London’s Fashion & Textile Museum and was influenced by the mystical teachings of the 12th century poet and theologian, Rumi. It featured enamelled and engraved works and included hand carved wings, figurines of whirling dervishes and angels that intricately detail the symbols of Sufism, dervishes, and their magical music, movement, and song.
Nazan carried the success of her DIVINE LOVE collection into her second collection, entitled HEAVEN. This was exhibited by the Lambs Conduit Gallery during Coutts London Jewellery Week. HEAVEN reflects the ethereal beauty of the desert night sky, by means of glittering constructions of diamonds and sapphires set into cut-out designs of silver, 24ct yellow and rose gold, with stars, moon, and angel symbols. The collection profiled an ancient Ottoman welding technique of brass-heating as well as hand carving, and was inspired by Sufism’s Sama, a beautiful spiritual ceremony.
Nazan showcased her first solo exhibition FOR LOVE at Canary Wharf to considerable acclaim. This collection included gold, silver and bronze jewellery with hand and heart symbols and were engraved with quotes from the ‘Masnavi’ poem,embellished with precious gem stones as well as using ethically sourced, vintage corals and pearls. Hand and heart symbols, all created to express messages to and from the wearer.
Nazan was invited to the Body Parts exhibition in the New York Art Gallery where she showcased unique pieces from her FOR LOVE collection which included hand and heart symbols.
* I aim for my brand to mirror the diversity of my rich heritage. My inspiration comes from mythology, history, art,architecture and the mysticism, wisdom of the great masters of lyrical poetry, and the beauty of the natural world. My high end collections are concept-based and tell a story of magical wonder and delight. The natural gemstones in my designs are symbols of healing and I include special and intimate choices that my clients request.
I like to create limited-edition and bespoke pieces for the wearer to appreciate the essence of those art expressions. I spend much time creating along and between the intersections of various craft techniques. Jewellery collections are designed and samples are hand made by Nazan and completed by craftsmen in Istanbul.
Fashion collections are printed,embroidered,sewn by Nazan or local artisans with the aim of supporting small businesses. *
Nazan Alhas, London and Istanbul

Nazan collections are available and made to order within 2 to 3 weeks.

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