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The birth of 'naturevsfuture®' was in the spring of 2002 by Brooklyn born Nina Valenti. Launched 6 years after graduating Parsons & designing for various brands, Valenti needed to create her own line that would expose her unique aesthetic. The name was inspired by the designer's belief that there is a constant struggle between nature and future, a pressure between organic and technological forces. "The more we advance the more we need to consider nature before we deplete it. In this tension to find balance is the living energy of the collection and hence the name." says Valenti.

Designed with an eco-conscious approach, 'naturevsfuture®' acknowledges the increased environmental concerns & the need to preserve & respect the earth while advancing. Valenti chooses to incorporate organic, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, recycled & surplus materials in the collection each season. Mixing such fabrics like organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell® (seaweed), lyocell (wood pulp), Ingeo™ (created from plant sugars such as corn), along with recycled & technological fabrics such as Polartec® (made from soda pop bottles & industry waste) she creates pieces that have a futuristic edge yet are inherently classic.

"Naturevsfuture®" believes in minimizing waste. Pieces are created for longevity. They are collected & worn until they diminish rather than discarded after a season. "We learn every day so we can make better decisions on how we proceed. We try to spread environmental awareness through our products from the knowledge we acquire." says Valenti. The collection is designed in Brooklyn & produced locally in the NYC garment center.

Valenti's designs are a self-generated product of imagination blended with her passions from architecture, furniture, music & art. Valenti's inspiration is drawn from all that stimulates the senses. Working with the body as the palette, balance, line quality, rhythm & movement are the elements Valenti incorporates into each piece.

'Naturevsfuture®' is an artistic statement in the form of clothing. It fuses classic with cutting edge, & deconstructive with a refined elegance to create a new & exciting look, suiting ones complex personality. Blending natural & futuristic fabric with architectural designs NVF is a new breed of organic futurism via clothing. It's functional, comfortable and bold, made to truly fit the body." says Valenti. The woman that wear 'naturevsfuture®' are creative, intelligent, independent & sophisticated woman that do not follow trends but rather make their own statement. They are career oriented & self sustaining; classic yet modern; refined yet sexy; innovative, unique & mindful.

Through the years 'naturevsfuture®', has received plenty of international attention from the press including reviews in WWD, Italian Vogue, Italian Glamour, Elle Bulgaria, Elle Turkey, ELLEgirl, Nylon, Fader, V Magazine, Lucky, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Time Out New York, E The Environmental Magazine, Natural Living, Natural Solutions, The Ecologist (London), Everyday with Rachel Ray, DigitAll, Plenty, The Daily News as well as online magazines such as Treehugger, The Huffington Post, JC Report, Trendcentral, The & Daily Candy.

Valenti's clothing has been spotted on celebrities like: Tina Faye, Parker Posey, Deborah Harry, Alicia Silverstone, Daryl Hannah & Kaki King. 'Naturevsfuture®' has also made TV appearances on the 'Today Show', 'Late Night with David Letterman' on actress Lauren Graham & on 'General Hospital'. 'Naturevsfuture®' has also appeared on the 'Gilmore Girls' and on 'What Not to Wear' (on the well dressed host of course).

Besides the naturevsfuture® main collection, Valenti has also designed nvf uniforms for restaurants such as Riingo located in the Alex Hotel in NYC and the retro, chic restaurant Vinyl in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Some of Valenti's custom work also includes 'eco-friendly' wedding gowns & evening dresses as well as a ball gown made from thousands of reused, non-recyclable drink pouches. This piece was commissioned by 'TerraCycle' and the internationally renowned pianist Soyeon Lee & worn by Ms. Lee at her performance at Carnegie Hall in February of 2008. This unique gown received a multitude of media attention.

Recently 'naturevsfuture®' was featured in two books published in Germany: 'Green/ Designed Fashion' by Christine Anna Bierhals, published by Avedition & 'Ecodesign' by Silvia Barbero & Brunella Cozzo, published by H.F.Ullmann.

Select 'naturevsfuture®' pieces have been on view at museum exhibitions & galleries worldwide including NYC, Tokyo, Paris, Italy & Belgium. In 2010 NVF was featured at The Museum at FIT's 'Eco-Fashion: Going Green' exhibit in the Fashion & Textile History Gallery. In 2011 NVF was on view at 'The Future That Never Was Alter Nature' exhibit presented by the Fashion Museum of Hasselt (MMH) in Belgium.

Valenti plan to launch a men's collection in the near future.

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