Nathalie eggenschwiler

Grey Sheep


zürich / switzerland


Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Arts and Design, FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Graduation year


looking for beauty in the weirdest places, curious hands guiding the way: this is how i explore the world around me.
after finishing the foundation course in art and designt at the lucerne university of applied sciences and arts i moved to basel to study fashion. i have always been obsessed with the human body and how it interacts with its surrounding. so my own body became one of my most valuable tools: through experimenting with my body i try to examine the meaning and boundaries of clothing. i like to pair my experimental mind with traditional craftsmanship to push the edge and to deconstruct societys expectations towards the body. after two years I took a break from my studies at the institute of fashion design in basel and moved to amsterdam where i completed interships at two small independent labels. after that adventurous year i moved back to switzerland where i did a third internship at a luxury leather goods label. with all that new knowledge and energy i returned to the institute of fashion design and finished my studies. my graduation collection is the beginning of my attempt to undermine the prevailing categorization in fashion and questioning the concept of beauty shaped by the patriarchal society.

Latest Collection