Nathalia JMag

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boston / united states


Framingham State University

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Nathalia JMag is a contemporary fashion designer who is on a mission to honor people, animals and the earth through her work. Since deciding to study fashion design and retailing she knew that she wanted to create an ethical and sustainable brand. JMag believes that we don't need to harm people, animals or the environment to create beautiful garments because fashion doesn't have to hurt. She uses zero waste design approach, chooses the most sustainable fabrics available to her and upcycles old clothing to give them new life, these are a few ways in which Nathalia JMag is ethical and sustainable. We also exclusively hand make everything in a studio at the Holliston Mills, a solar powered building. She launched Nathalia JMag a fashion label in 2016 after graduating with a bachelor of science in fashion design and retailing and soon after competing on the Emmy nominated show Project Runway. The main focus of the label is sustainable and ethical practices, Nathalia JMags moto is fashion doesn’t have to hurt; people, animals or the environment !

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