nathalia canamary

Black Sheep



brazil / brazil


universidade federal do ceará

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


The Atelier emerges from an architect’s wish to create and execute their own projects.

Each detail is thought by combining the art of the hand craft and the possibilities that each material offers. The pieces are executed individually by the designer herself or by goldsmiths who collaborate with the production of the atelier.

The main purpose is to create jewellery that connects sophistication and simplicity through the design. All materials are important and can be transformed into treasured jewellery, as long as they have their own characteristics regarded.

All pieces of jewellery get old; with the constant use, they get scratched, they oxidise and lose their glow. However, apart from bijou, which is disposable, it will always be possible to recover the jewellery’s original appearance through maintenance, thus passing from generation to generation.

The jewellery, as an accessory to be worn on a daily basis, is more interesting to us than the one saved only for special occasions. The jewellery must be practical, with simple lines and in accordance with the young people’s mentality and self-style.