Natalie Dufkova

Grey Sheep


prague / czech republic


Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

Graduation year


1.year MA student of fashion design - Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague
Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion week 2016- Van Graaf Junior talent- finalist
The label Natalie Dufkova, is based on a striking and youthful style, which on first sight, captures your attention. It is meant for the wearer who wants to emphasize her personality and believes in her own style. The philosophy of the label resulted from the blending of youthful style, luxury, and originality. The label is focused on the creation of one-of-a-kind designs for special occasions, such as costumes for artistic performances.
Natalie Dufkova dresses women who want to draw attention to themselves, want to be the center of attention, they are those that dictate style and are not afraid to go to the extreme. They want to be seen and use embellishment to emphasize their personality. The wearer is confident and takes her clothing style as a game; sometimes she also uses it as the irony of today’s times.

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