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nat-2™ | futuristic products with a strong heritage

nat-2™ was founded in 2007 by Sebastian Thies, who‘s family background in the footwear industry goes back to 1856. nat-2™ is a highly progressive brand with strong roots and pioneer in sustainable luxury innovation.

in the business by being a step ahead and truly high fashion, while still being leisure`n down to earth. The roots of the brand lie in the early 90ies graffiti, street- and boardsport culture,

admiring the innovative power of the techy, cool 80ies. nat-2 is about passion and style and therefore the brand is not stuck with cliches, following its own path and ideas.

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nat-2™ combines a strong heritage with highly innovative products inspired by german industrialism & quality.

nat-2™ features luxurious materials on futuristic high-tech items or classic and rugged styles from its archives

nat-2™ is a true pioneer in wearables | wearable technology and sustainable, often vegan high tech materials from day one

designed in germany, produced by hand in italy.

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