Black Sheep


moscow / russia


british higher school of arts and design/moscow

The concept of the brand is addressed to the topic of internal and external dissonance. We want to understand a person, to understand how we interact with our mental world and with the surrounding realities.
We will have to seriously discuss issues of gender, social, sexual identity, psychological problems. We can't talk about the person only from the position of his inner world. Now we are all people of the world, we are socially active, politically aware, we exist in symbiosis with everything that happens around. Therefore, all the relevant topics that are somehow concentrated in people we can't ignore.
Now it is also important for us to understand that we are a Russian brand, and we are trying to consider this all through the prism of our country. On a global scale, but from the position of the russian person, the peculiarities of his mentality. In the context of our country, now we want to touch upon the topics of minorities, parents' relations with children, attitude to sex, social inequality, and conscious consumption.
All these topics are engraved on us, on what we have inside, what we feel and how we feel the world, each other and ourselves in the first place.