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Narrative Made's creation tells the stories of its makers – artisans from remote corners of the world – who weave together generations of culture, history, and technical skill in their craft. Narrative Made partners with artisan communities in the developing world and provides a fair channel for them to continue working with the traditional skills that they have inherited. The motifs, hand stitches, weaving techniques, and natural dyes all reflect their unshakable identities; identities that they are proud of, and are worth celebrating.

After studying fashion design in Hong Kong, London and New York, Sharon began her designing career at Anteprima and spent the following years at the world-leading trend forecasting company, WGSN. There, she cultivated an intimate understanding of how culture and identity directly impacts style and the fashion industry at large. Her work brought her to rural parts of Asia, where she discovered her passion for indigenous peoples and heritage craft. In 2015, she decided to combine this deep passion for heritage craft with a focus on sustainable fashion, creating Narrative Made – a fashion brand that promotes economic empowerment and preserves the legacy of textile craft through ethical production.

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