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NAP-SAC began when I was unable to find a sailors sack to buy. I wanted a stylish, functional everyday bag but after checking the market I found there was nothing of any quality out there so after putting up with different bags that didn’t work for me I made my own. Having worked in London fashion since 1996 this wasn’t too difficult and I liked it so much I started the company as I am sure you’ll want one too!

I wanted a bag that worked for my daily commute by Vespa, as well as something to take to the shops that stopped me filling my cupboard with plastic bags! I had also become a dad and for those out there yet to be there is a lot of stuff to carry around and just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean it’s OK to use a flowery baby bag. These points formed the brief I followed and confirmed I needed straight forward ease of use I didn’t want to unzip five different compartments to get things I had with me. The nap-sac has two pockets near the top with a strap between allowing things to be kept handy if required. There is nothing holding it closed which some may find odd but in use the lack of this becomes clear. As you pick the sack up by the cord straps the top concertinas closed and its own weight holds it there. While it is on or across your shoulder, or hooked over a chair or peg the sack will stay closed but take the top edge in your hand and the concertina opens out giving you quick, easy access to the contents. From a security point of view this way of closing also works because any attempt to open the sack results in the reduction of weight over your shoulder as it needs to be lifted up to open thus warning you of intruding hands on your sack!
The completed brief resulted in the ‘NAP-SAC 6 GALLON SACK’ which is a functional tool that looks like a cool part of your wardrobe with the added bonus of being a man sack not a man bag!

This is how the label NAP-SAC developed but the style and heritage of this shape sack has been around for centuries. Examples of the sailors sack exist dating back to the 18c and it is said to have been the first job given to apprentice semen when embarking on a nautical life. The reason is the construction of the sack which contains both straight and curved seams, eyelets and rope work. These skills where essential for sail repair the mechanics of ocean travel and trade. Once a sailor had made his sack not only had he learned a skill but he also had a place to keep his tools and any personal possessions.
Anything that has been around for as long as the sailors sack must be a great idea. NAP-SAC has rejuvenated this idea into a modern classic which we call our 6 Gallon sack and is the core of our range. To cater for the traveller who wants to take that bit more or stay for longer we also have the Duffel. It’s a sharply styled piece to match that of the 6 Gallon and the two items of luggage sit together with complimentary styling and retro appeal. The graphic design within the range continues the retro look but also highlights the fun and light hearted mood of NAP-SAC’s. Our products are all made in the UK from the highest quality materials. The main fabrics are thick supple feaux leather and our cottons are 15oz denim and canvas. The linings are all a good weight cotton drill to add to the strength of this product and the cord is one that is seen more often on boats or for climbing. These components culminate in giving our customer a strong, simple, stylish piece of luggage that will be up for whatever they need it to be.

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