Grey Sheep


jerusalem / israel


kingston university

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Often beginning with a concept or idea rooting from a particular view on the world, humanity and evolution Na'ama is an artisanal designer exploring aspects of her own identity or particular influence from emotional life experience using experimental pattern cutting and development of unique hand-crafting skills to create beautiful, extraordinary and exotic artwear and aparel. ''Colours, materials and textures often relate to memories of my surroundings traveling through Israel and Greece growing up with sandy deserts, softly colored skies, stone floors, white buildings, rocky mountains and middle-eastern handicrafts and artifacts.'' Exploring ideas through drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, film and photography, many ideas often derive from ambiguous images resembling creatures or bodily forms which seem to emerge from imagery during the creative process. ''It is exploring the root, the basic core of our being, of humanity ...the reason for war, for love, for peace and our existence which drives my creative interest. It is about the continuum of life and creation, of evolution and the inevitable of the human condition - the intervention of animalistic tendencies combined with our search for spiritual understanding.''

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