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Living in an age of mass-production and mass-consumption, it is easy to lose sight of the origins of the products we choose to envelop our lives with- often these products are untraceable. With big brands dominating the market and feeding this idea of mass consumption with wide ranges and depths of identical products sold in the thousands across the globe. It is easy to forget the sense of design and craftsmanship that has gone into producing such products and in turn they become generic.

NADIA-STUDIO developed as a response to this. We are a small, independent, accessories studio based in Glasgow and believe in small scale production. In turn, this means our customers know they have something that isn’t mass produced and is truly unique. Our brand ethos circles around a desire to create products that are contemporary, conceptual, but equally as functional and we ensure these values are upheld by working closely with our suppliers to pick the best materials for our products. From the choice of fabrics to finding the perfect pantone shade everything is hand picked for its merit.

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