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We are a multi award winning brand!

We believe in brave and bold. Never safe. We believe style should reflect the should be a mirror for the soul.

Myriam Soseilos is for the bold of heart. For the ones who dare to show their true selves. Less “look at me”, more “this is who I am”.

Our designs are unique and take inspiration from unexpected places. Architecture. Space. And, for our most personal pieces, the wearers themselves. We play with mechanical techniques, we use unconventional materials, and we dare to create designs that inspire curiosity.

Nothing we create is conventional. Whether that’s straight-lines, geometric shapes, architectural influences, or flexible pieces that transform and adapt...there’s nothing quite like it on the market.
This all leads to a place where the designs are incomparable and impossible to replicate.
The profile of our clientele is simple! They share our unconventional mindset.

“Have you ever thought, ‘what if...?’”
Pieces like the ‘transformer’ collection (pieces that have different capabilities) show our innovative and different approach to design. As a brand we are always working on what we can do next that challenges the boundaries of conventional design.
Uniqueness, empowerment and edginess are at the heart of all of our creations that seek to be innovative, unique and unconventional.

The fact that each piece is a bit more challenging and ‘rare’ shows that the wearers are more individual in outlook. So even when somebody buys something from the standard collections, they’re buying something that puts them in a smaller group of ‘select’ people who are looking for something different.

But then you also have the extreme individuals - the people who commission one-off, bespoke pieces. That might be for a special occasion (wedding, christening), to mark a significant personal story (the wedding ring, the ‘spine’ piece), or just for the love of having something rare and unique.
When you buy a Myriam Soseilos piece, you’re joining a select group... a ‘group of one’.

What if?
So much of life is about convention and routine. Follow the timetable. Join the crowd. Reach consensus. Agree, agree, agree. It means things tick along nicely. There’s safety in the familiar.
But who wants a life of safety? Fun is risk. Bold is exciting.

Myriam Soseilos is for people who live life with bravery. A life that’s more audacious. Where we are reflections of ourselves, not an idea we’ve bought into. A life less conventional, and more unusual... A life that tells our own story.

Myriam Soseilos is for the people who think differently. People who think bigger. People who think “what if?”

Say no
No to normal. No to ‘pretty’. No to pleasant, but dull.
No to safe. No to the high-street. No to “that will do”.
No to convention. No to mass-market. No to “that’s just like mine”.
Say ‘yes’ to your way.

Ethical Jewellery:
Responsible Jewellery is a crucial issue for us as it is for consumers.
Our Philosophy is to handcraft jewellery created from materials that are “ethically sourced” and processed with consideration to the environment and social impact. We make our sources as transparent as possible.

As a company we also understand the impact we have on the environment and therefore take every opportunity to reduce this effect by technological innovation; by searching for better ways of doing things; through the use of risk management, to minimize the impact our processes have on the environment; and using the correct recycling and disposal methods for the product and waste we produce.

90% of the precious metal we use is 100% recycled and indistinguishable from new metal thus, reducing the ecological risk involved in mining new metal.
Our diamonds are obtained from conflict free sources and are laser-inscribed with a tracking number that traces the stone back to its mine.
We work, upon request, with lab created diamonds that match the appearance, structure and durability of the natural gems and offer this sustainable option for the eco-conscious consumer.

We verify that we are a “fair trade” company and our sources for all the gems we use, promote worker wellbeing and support the local economy.
We are an Eco-friendly brand, making every effort possible to ensure that each piece produced brings the least amount of harm to the environment and craftsmen involved in the production process.

We have been awarded with the Butterfly mark for our commitment to promote responsible social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner.

“Jewellery with a conscience”, as we call it: Our mission is to encourage our customers to ‘buy better’, to have an awareness of responsible jewellery production through the use of ethically sourced materials and have a positive impact on the social and environmental change.

We hope to play a part in changing the jewellery industry for the better.


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