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universitat politècnica de valencia

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Affordable luxury, without losing exclusivity, limited editios and unique creations, combining care for detail and constantly innovating techniques. Our philosophy is based on sustainable fashion within the current "slow fashion" movement, with a controlled and respectful production with the Environment. Our pieces are ready to last in time and transcend fashion and trends of the present moment. Contemporary design but designed to fascinate and conquer future generations.

Through her philosophy, inspirations and speeches, Myriam Moreno cooperates in women's empowerment providing a renewed and diverse image of women.

To bet on Myriam Moreno is to invest in a brand with a future and a growing trajectory. Awarded as the best jeweler of her promotion, in her designs she has entrusted by the prestigious brand Aristocrazy for which she signs a limited edition, My Rules. A customizable piece to celebrate female diversity.

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