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berlin / germany

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Myon Rox arose in the vibrant 80s in Berlin Kreuzberg by finding contemplation in carving little sculptures. Deeply valuing the art of perceiving the environment with heightened awareness, immersing oneself in the present moment, and paying attention to subtle changes in sounds, light, and situations. This focus on even the smallest details, a state of meditation, influences the carving process of the models. Many models were carved in the most scenic places in nature, where nature itself became an abundant source of inspiration, as its influence is reflected in our designs. The mixture of sculpture and accessories brings the idea of sculpturing into jewelry making, while this process of designing a piece is combined with the love for precious stones. Myon Rox slept for 30 years and had its rebirth in the 2020s as a generational collaborative effort that now has an interdisciplinary approach being a jewelry brand focusing on large interactive sculptures, photos, and videos, as well as making use of 3D Modeling Software and 3D scanning/printing to then cast the models in silver. Myon Rox stands for qualitative and honest craftsmanship, creating products for conscious beings who appreciate the use of precious materials incorporated into our designs. Our jewelry pieces are the culmination of extensive knowledge, unwavering passion, and an insatiable curiosity for innovative design and the integration of new technical inventions.

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