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london / United Kingdom


central saint martins

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MWOVEN is a brainchild of fashion designer Martina Spetlova, whose highly identifiable use of hand-woven leathers in unexpected juxtapositions have become a trademark of her sustainable brand. Martina’s background in biology and chemistry influences her experimental approach that challenges materials, elements, and expectations.
Her textiles are now used on jackets, ACCESSORIES and larger scale interior design projects.

Martina has a more holistic vision for her brand and its approach to sustainability, and she thinks about the entire life cycle of her products - from raw materials, making to repairs and recycling.

Working with leather the brand promotes a cruelty-free ethos in leather supply, using only high quality Metal free by-product leather hides supplied by italian tanneries with Environmental management system certifications.

A big believer in the circular economy each style’s lining and tapes are made of ECONYL® regenerated premium nylon, that is made by recovering and recycling waste such as fishing nets from the oceans, fabric scraps and carpets destined for landfill.

Martina has come to realise the importance of storytelling, and how each product has a narrative. Her brand now applies cutting-edge blockchain technology to their accessories and outerwear lines. Each design they create comes with a scannable chip detailing its materials, sourcing and processes to provide a fascinating digital life story for each piece.

All pieces are made to order to reduce waste.


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