Grey Sheep


budapest / hungary


moholy nagy university of art and design

Graduation year


Our creative workshop, müskinn creates accessories made out of leather, canvas and other recycled, experimental materials. We introduce two collections every half year. Our basic collection concentrates on the customers personal desires and we make our bags with care in optional material-and colour variations.

Our conceptual collections are based on collaborations with inspirational people around us working in different fields such as scientific disciplines, fine arts, music, etc. Through our partnership we synthesize each other’s thinking and methods.

Our goal is to reduce the gap between different social and cultural segments and to urge their cooperations, furthermore to show more from the designing process than usual.

Our products are available now in some stores in Budapest, such as Mono art & design or Printa, but we also work through personal order via e-mail, facebook, instagram, and soon our webshop as well.

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