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moscow / russia

Masha Kravtsova was born in Moscow on February 22'85. Masha was only 13 when she started her career as a model in the most prestigious russian fashion company. Since that time she has won a great amount of beauty contests, played a number of roles in the movies, ads and music video, worked as a vj on MTV. But she has never stopped learning and imbibing experience - after graduation from the university in Moscow, she moved on studying design in London. Maria has travelled a lot, brining inspiration either from the capitals and from wild and distant spots of our planet. Her first collection was born in 2007 and aroused interested at the Russian Fashion Week. In 2008 Masha Kravtsova was invited by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to participate in Milan Fashion Week, where her collection, already the 5th season by Masha Kravtsova, was a great success, the accent was placed on the precious shoes hand-made in Italy. Up to this moment all the garments and accessories are produced in Italy. The Muscovites is the most mature collection by Masha, where she came to understanding that real chic is rather whispering than shouting. Its hugging you with the tenderest textures, it's caressing your eyes with mild and soft colors and it's all about your uniqueness.

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