Grey Sheep


epsom / United Kingdom


university for the creative arts epsom

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I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and I graduated from University for the Creative Arts, Epsom in 2014. Specializing in Innovative Fashion for Womenswear, I am highly interested in Creative Pattern Cutting, 3D Stand Development as well as the whole Design Cycle & Manufacturing.
My work is very conceptual as I am passionate about expressing feelings beside my designs. I love to observe people, their relationships, their roles and how they interact with other people. For this reason, transformation of identity and gender is the key element in my concepts.
I born and raised in an island where the opportunities in education of arts and the values given to arts was very limited. First of all I am so lucky to inherit the genes of my talented grandmother and to grow up watching her inspiring work. Secondly, my endless desire to learn and discover what is happening in the world and my curiosity definitely benefit me.
I believe that the eye is always a stealer and you get inspired from what you see and how you experienced but what makes me unique in my fashion career is the distinct style I use to synthesize what I see and what I experience.
I am a tireless learner, researcher and explorer.
Want to know a bit more?

My grandmother Munuse Ozmulla is an embroidery artist that creates contemporary artwork with traditional handcraft of Cyprus by using silkworm cocoons.

Growing up in an environment of domestic silkworm breeding, cocoon harvesting and many different craftsmanship (doll dressing, knitting, crochet, making accessories, embroidery) , fashion was not a surprising career path for me. Fabrics and materials were everywhere helping me to express my creativity, to innovate and to use my problem solving skills since childhood.
My vision has been broadened up since I moved to London, leading fashion capital, where there is diversity and freedom in creation combined with traditional heritage, multicultural dynamism and prestige.

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