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MUNKUS is an emerging South African fashion brand founded by Thando Ntuli. The brand's name, MUNKUS, is derived from Thando's nickname and conveys a sense of home and comfort that is relatable to any woman. The brand, founded in 2019, is located in the bustling city of Johannesburg and is inspired by the strong, intergenerational line of mothers in Thando's life. MUNKUS presents a retro-inspired, intergenerational style that combines '80s and '90s South African trends with classic silhouettes.

At MUNKUS, we are dedicated to being the voice for everyday women, holding ourselves to the highest standards by meeting our clients' business needs precisely and completely. The brand's mission is to create new and innovative fashion using traditional techniques and materials, and to share the authentic stories of everyday women through craftsmanship.

A woman wearing MUNKUS is young at heart and socially aware. She is willing to break the norms of fast fashion and has an interest in timeless items that tell a story and hold sentimental value. She embodies confidence and a need to show off what’s inside her heart. MUNKUS consumers are leaders, leaders that invest in memories and are youthful women with the wisdom of her predecessors. She has never fit in and likes it that way.

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