Mrs Herskin

Black Sheep


budapest / hungary

Mrs Herskin is based in the mystic, astounding, thick aired, Central-Eastern European city of Budapest. She creates her particular and peculiar accessories inhaling the atmosphere of the absurd. She acts silently and humbly not wishing for great hullabaloo and hype or skin-burning spotlight. In her inner city workshop she mainly produces fine leather accessories. Besides, her works include jewellery, capsule clothes collection but she also made special projects like eyewear and installation. Mrs Herskin’s peculiar style is experimenting and form breaking, not following the latest trends but creating in her colourful yet well recognizable character. Her finely chiselled bags operate with courageous, not usual shapes. Mrs Herskin emphasizes handmade surfaces, experimenting with different precious materials and their
combinations, especially attracted to combining metal and leather. Her accessories can rather be regarded as pieces of art, however attention is paid on their functionality and everyday usability as well. The Mrs Herskin products are available only in limited numbers besides she’s happy to fulfil unique and bizarre orders.

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