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lima / peru

Mozhdeh Matin (Cajamarca-Perú, 1987)
Fashion Designer

Studied Fine Arts at Nur University (Bolivia) and Fashion Design at ModArt International School of Fashion (Perú), graduated in 2009. She did her first internship at Gerard Darel´s in Paris.

Currently experimenting with knit and weaving, without pursuing any specific line, but mostly searching the possibilities that knitting has to offer,

Mozhdeh Matin works under the fundaments of recovery, revaluing and reinterpreting the ancestral textiles and symbologies that the world have to offer. Inspired for the reconstruction of a new skin applied with current technology in Pima cotton and Alpaca, conducting her designs with peruvian artisans and native people in the Andes.

She has also study textile conservation and restoration at the San Marco´s program in Perú. She has worked as consultant fashion designer with the Peruvian government to develop sustainability work with different villages; she is also a teacher at the ModArt School and collaborates with different brands in the country.

She has presented her work at the Ibero American Design Biennal (Spain) and at Somart Gallery at San Francisco.

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